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Why WordPress?

When using WordPress only imagination is the limit. It’s an environment offering the best possible conditions for your business growth. Endless features, amazing design options, ultra-fast performance and expert level security is why we rely on WP.
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Briefly about features

Powerful CMS

You can create and manage all types of content like posts, pages, products with their own taxonomies including categories, tags, attributes.

Tons of Plugins

There are thousands of additional plugins and widgets available that can turn your website into everything you imagine.


WordPress itself is very safe platform and security is taken seriously. In conjunction with our hosting firewall your data is well protected.


WordPress is a system built on PHP and MySQL. It's just like a flower - needs proper environment to grow. Clisr hosting is made for it.

Our WP Skills

Having superb WP engine with rocket fuel which is our hosting we can truly reach the sky. The airplane is called Clisr and as skilled & experienced pilots we can go wherever is reachable on earth. Sometimes even further..

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